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Meet Edward...

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Hello neighbors! My name is Edward Daniels and I am an actor-entrepreneur who has proudly called Washington, DC home for the past 15 years.

I began to follow the development of the Capitol Riverfront BID back in 2008 when much of the area consisted of empty fields and warehouses. I became a bit obsessed with the progression of this part of town and, after living in Columbia Heights and Shaw, moved to the Capitol Riverfront in 2016. I have absolutely loved living in the neighborhood and following its growth.

This huge metropolitan area that we call home and our nation’s capital now boasts nearly 700,000 residents.  Though the District is a massive region, the southerner in me continues to enjoy getting to know my neighbors and (to be quite cliché) keeping the unity in community.

As your next Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I look forward to meeting each of the great people who have help make this part of town one of the 12 coolest neighborhoods around the world and advocating to keep our voice and concerns at the forefront of DC government.

My platform is rather simple. Our neighborhood continues to grow and become a world-class entertainment and tourist destination.  Resident parking, affordable housing, safety, zoning, and development are at the top of my list of concerns as representative of our community.  In addition to affordable housing, one of my main goals is to help finally figure out affordable resident parking options that do NOT cost an additional $3k per year, especially for those of us who are already paying upwards of $3k per month to live here.

I would also like to see more community engagement on behalf of the Metropolitan Police Department after I experienced a terrifying incident of law enforcement harassment which stemmed from a parking situation created just out front of my building by an officer of the First District Station.

That’s my story in a nutshell. Now, tell me yours! I would love to have your support and hear your neighborhood concerns as the November 6, 2018 general election approaches.  Please join my campaign e-list below, contribute, and let me know when we can have a neighborly coffee chat!


What is an ANC?

An ANC is a non-partisan, neighborhood body made up of locally elected representatives called Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners.

The Commissioners, who serve two-year terms without pay, are elected at DC Elections in November in even-numbered years (e.g. 2016). The ANCs were established to bring government closer to the people, and to bring the people closer to government.

The ANCs' main job is to be their neighborhood's official voice in advising the District government (and Federal agencies) on things that affect their neighborhoods. This includes zoning, streets, recreation, education, social services, sanitation, planning, safety, budget, and health services.

The ANCs may also initiate recommendations for improving city services, conduct neighborhood improvement programs, and monitor resident complaints.

Edward's platform...

  • affordable housing
  • affordable resident parking
  • consistent police enforcement
  • safety
  • education
  • development
  • community
  • environment

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